As international oil and petroleum products trading volumes are increasing, so does the environmental responsibility. The necessity to build ecological vessels capable of transporting goods around the world is evident. UPTSSA and its partners launched a project of construction and operation of the River-Sea Type (Class 3) product tankers (DNVGL class) of up to 7500 metric tons DWT to be built.

The tankers are designed for transportation of crude oil and petroleum products, including benzene/naphtha. Newer vessel design allows to engage in the shipment of return cargoes from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea. We can guarantee direct delivery to the Black Sea, Marmara, Aegean, Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea ports.

  • Dual flag (Malta & Russian) and dual classification (BV & RMRS)
  • Self-propelled tankers with 6 cargo tanks
  • Without restrictions for flash-point, ensuring safe carrying of cargo even up to a heat of 60°C
  • Simultaneous carriage of 2 grades of cargo can also be accommodated
  • All year-round operation: in the non-freezing seas, in broken ice of the non-Arctic seas, operation in conditions of prolonged navigation in the rivers according to the Ice1 class.
  • Vessels designed for Min outside temperature -23 °С (65-85 % humidity), water temperature 0 °С; Max outside temperature +30 °С (60-65 % humidity), water temperature +27 °С.

Our new vessels will replace obsolete and environmentally unsafe ships in the Caspian Sea with new high-quality and modern ships. It will be possible to minimize the number of empty journeys, to improve the transportation efficiency and to reduce the impact on the environment due to the innovative design of these vessels.

The scope of our services also covers shipbuilding project management, vessel basic and detailed design, all naval architectural services and marine engineering services.