United Petroleum Trading Switzerland was established in 2016 in Geneva. The company is involved in trading & shipping operations with a focus on the Caspian and Black Sea regions and the export of crude oil & petroleum products from Turkmenistan. Our philosophy is grounded in responsible service, efficiency and high quality. Our approach is to make trade work better and to develop new ways of shipping. Our team is young, ambitious, and reliable.

Our goal is to consolidate our strong position in the Caspian region and to expand to other regions: the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. We aim to diversify our client base and get direct access to end users. Our logistical expertise will help to extend our reach to clients, moving further into the transportation chain. We also planning strategic investments in regional infrastructure projects.


UPTSSA develops 3 business segments:
  • Crude oil trading and transportation

  • Petroleum products trading and transportation

  • Construction and operation of river-sea tankers


One of our main goals is to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all of our employees and partners. Responsibility is at the core of our business procedures and decisions. The company conducts its activities with the highest regard for the environment protection. We realize the importance of analyzing and mitigating potential risks of petroleum and crude oil transportation.

Being a dedicated supporter of nature preservation , UPTSSA is searching for new environmental approaches in trading and shipping. For this purpose, our shipbuilding projects are creating new high-quality and efficient sea-river vessels. Using new technologies and innovations these vessels will optimize shipping operations and reduce ballast voyages, which additionally improves efficiency and decrease the impact on the environment.


United Petroleum Trading Switzerland believes that long-term partnership relations are of highest importance in order to achieve sustainable development.

We build partnerships based on transparency, trust and mutual respect with all the stakeholders in the energy markets. We cooperate with the first-class European banks and work closely with the leading shipowners and logistics service providers of the Caspian and Black sea regions.

Our trading partners are located all over the world – from Europe to Asia.